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16 mm TRIPLE-D Translucent FRITZ

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What you have all been asking me for in all the popular colours. Big Bold Dynamic, fine dyed core soft and bonded all you ever need in a big fat Fritz.

TRIPLE-D stands for Dave's Double Density, not Triple Dyed or anything else. It’s twice the density of my 15 mm Translucent best seller and a little longer. I like the letter's DD, as it’s my initials and was my nickname at school all those many years ago. 

It also stands for Double Decker, one the very best dry flies I have ever used on Lakes and Loch's, so you can see DD, Triple D means a lot to me as so many good things come from those letters.

This I know is going to be a best Seller and I am already running out and need to re-order due to demand.

Top anglers all over the UK have had samples and they all love it, but hey I used to be a not too bad competitor myself and I know what I want, so I would like to think I know what anglers want and I’m in touch.