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The Shambler - my Quake Monster Nightmare

The Shambler - my Quake Monster Nightmare

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This fly came from a dream I had about a monster that was in a PC game I used to play called Quake. 

Tied from fear it caught me a lot of fish on Grafham and it still works.

Hook: - Kamasan B175 Size 10-8 or Barbless Equivalent

Thread: - Black Sheer 14/0

Tail: - Silver or Gold Razor Flash

Over Tail and Wings: - Fl. Springwater Blue Marabou

Body: - Silver or Gold 6mm Humungus Tinsel Chenille

Cheeks/Eyes: - Glo-Brite Floss No 5 Fl. Orange

****IMPORTANT,  and Hook Type and Size I'll do the rest****

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