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Squirmy Wormys - One of my Favourite Patterns now when the going gets tough

Squirmy Wormys - One of my Favourite Patterns now when the going gets tough

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I came back from my USA trip with a few things in my bags, but nothing more important than this pattern. This has been the go to pattern in the USA when the anglers takes are drying up, put this bad boy on and bam the fish are eating again and normally larger fish.

I fished the Blue river in the Americas Cup comp in Colorado 2013, and despite fishing it well and catching on my normal flies when the takes dried up I put the Squirmy on and whack fish then another then another.

I could not wait to try it on the River Clyde and same fish after fish, I even caught bigger fish in pools that Ex-World Champion Martin Droz had just fished, he was amazed and so was I as he had taken a lot of fish out of the pools and for me to go in right after him and get the bigger fish well its top class. 

On my recent SNFLL heat on the river Don in Aberdeen the river coloured up badly and was chocolate brown, I was first with this fly and my good friend Stewart McCabe was second using it also. This thing works and works very well.

I tried it on the Lake of Mentieth and to say the fish like it was an understatement, the hook was destroyed by the end of the day, bent twisted and mangled, those blues fight very hard in the lake.

I tie these in four primary colours with red and purple being my favourites, but green and blue also work very well

I will make sure the worm has the right size of bead, all you got to do is pick the bead colour and the worm size / Colour

I will do the rest for you :) Copper and Silver being my Favourites

Tied using top quality Barbless hooks, Candyfloss Dubbing and Bidoz Beads.


IMPORTANT as I tie all these flies myself there is normally a wait time of up 10 weeks so please make sure you leave ample time when you are ordering. If you require them quicker then please contact me first.