IMPORTANT I WILL BE AWAY ON VACATION from 17/05/2024 until 08/06/2024, I will be home in between trips for a few days and if I can manage any orders I will, If not I thank you for your patience and will ship your orders on return with some extras included. IMPORTANT PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER FOR CONFIRMATION EMAILS OF ORDERS PLACED. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ BELOW BEFORE ORDERING, IF YOU ARE WANTING FLY’S THEN CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL or Via Whatts APP +44 7984455889 as I am only taking certain fly orders online, I will still tie flies that show out of stock but you must contact me first and it’s a minimum order of a Dozen Flies per type. ORDERS FOR MARABOU UP TO 3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY AS AGAIN I DO ALL THIS MYSELF AND IT IS VERY POPULAR. , THANKS and TAKE CARE DAVE

Pulsator Blob

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This is a Super Blob, tied with a Matuka style wing integrated made of Expensive Mirror-flash, it bring's a normal blob to life. Twitch it back and watch the action and the fish follow. My top dropper fly of 2004/2005. Tied with 20 turns of my 15 mm Tinsel Chenille the best  Fritz with the finest core on any Fritz and also dyed to the core.


Materials used to tie the fly are on this site also

Tail/Wing: - Orange or Red Mirror Flash

Body: - 15mm Translucent F-Up Fritz 

Thread : - Uni-Thread Fire Orange

Hook :- Hends BL 333 Sizes 14,12, and 10 (Barbless) or Kamasan B175 (Barbed)

Minimum Order Qty - 12 Flies

IMPORTANT as I tie all these flies myself there is normally a wait time of up 14 weeks so please make sure you leave ample time when you are ordering. If you require them quicker then please contact me first.