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Marabou The Original Sunburst Collection

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What is seen by many anglers around the World as the very best. Quality beyond all the rest, dyed by myself Dave Downie. Simply the Best 

Marabou hand selected and dyed by myself, every single plume goes through my fingers at least 6 times in the process. I am very proud of the quality of my marabou and will not make excuses for my prices. If you want what is regarded as the best on the market by many of the top competition anglers then this is it. The secret is out and the marabou is here. (Approx. 14 Plumes per Bag)

All my Marabou are dyed to the wet stage, not the dry stage. Reason being is that my materials are designed and dyed to catch fish not the angler's eye and are made for that exact purpose catching fish in water.

Don’t be caught out by buying poor quality marabou, I am proud of the quality of mine and that you can use every feather and every piece of the feather, no waste and very little if any dye leakage onto your hands and fly’s. All the marabou is hand selected by me and no one else and I know what I want so that’s what you get.


If not in Stock Marabou can take up to 2 weeks for delivery please remember that when ordering, I’m a one man band and to keep the quality at the level I expect it takes time and love.