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Gold Hare's Ear CDC (Great Lake Fly)

Gold Hare's Ear CDC (Great Lake Fly)

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This CDC gives off an olive colour when wet, something to do with the gold mixed in the Hare's Ear. Brilliant fly when the Lake Olives are hatching and the Fl.Orange butt give an aiming point to the fly for the fish to home in on.

Using my own special blend of Hare's Fur and Gold Angel Hair, it brings the fly to life. Top Quality Hends CDC used also.

Really good on the Lake of Mentieth and anywhere really. One of my top dries has saved many a day when fishing and in the nationals.

Butt: - Fl. Orange Floss (Definite Advantage)

Body: - Hares/Gold Mix

Thread : - Uni-Thread Black 8/0

Wing : - CDC - 3/4 Feathers

Hook :- Definite Advantage Barbless Grub Hook or Kamasan B100, Size 16,14,12 and 10.


IMPORTANT as I tie all these flies myself there is normally a wait time of up 10 weeks so please make sure you leave ample time when you are ordering. If you require them quicker then please contact me first.