IMPORTANT I WILL BE AWAY ON VACATION from 17/05/2024 until 08/06/2024, I will be home in between trips for a few days and if I can manage any orders I will, If not I thank you for your patience and will ship your orders on return with some extras included. IMPORTANT PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER FOR CONFIRMATION EMAILS OF ORDERS PLACED. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ BELOW BEFORE ORDERING, IF YOU ARE WANTING FLY’S THEN CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL or Via Whatts APP +44 7984455889 as I am only taking certain fly orders online, I will still tie flies that show out of stock but you must contact me first and it’s a minimum order of a Dozen Flies per type. ORDERS FOR MARABOU UP TO 3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY AS AGAIN I DO ALL THIS MYSELF AND IT IS VERY POPULAR. , THANKS and TAKE CARE DAVE

Dave Downies Booby Eyes on Hooks on (10 per packet)

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You have seen the way I do my Booby Eyes, well I am now going to supply in Quantities of 10 Size 10 hooks already with the eyes fitted all you have to do is add your favourite dressing.

I have no problems with booby eyes slipping or falling off and once the dressing is on there well its pretty secure. No need for superglue as you do need a wee bit of movement from side to side when retrieving your booby.

They are all the same size of foam, I only use three size's and that's 3mm5mm - 7mm and my booby's work well.

Please allow up to 21 Days for Booby eyes on hooks as it takes almost as long as tying a fly :) .

£4.75 per 10 attached to hooks, still cheaper than 6 Flooze eyes without hooks and they float too.