I have returned from Cuba to have Covid and should be clear of it by the end of this week and will resume orders 18-19th March. Sorry about this but my customers safety is paramount and I will be sending out a lot of freebies for your wait, thanks for your Patience and Custom. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ BELOW BEFORE ORDERING, MARABOU 3 WEEK LEAD TIME AND FLIES UP TO 10 WEEK LEADS TIME. IF YOU ARE PLACING FLY ORDERS, BE AWARE OF UP to 10 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY AS I DO ALL THE FLIES MYSELF AND I AM VERY BUSY. MARABOU UP TO 3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY AS AGAIN I DO ALL THIS MYSELF AND IT IS VERY POPULAR. Due to the Virus Restrictions please NOTE I will be shipping orders once a week on FRIDAYS and if I can fit any other day’s midweek Until further Notice, STAY SAFE ALL Regards Dave.
Dave Downie Fl. Orange Floss (Re-Spooled)

Dave Downie Fl. Orange Floss (Re-Spooled)

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I use this floss for flies, for tails, for butts and collars it really is great to work with as it flairs out so much easier than other flosses on the market.

It a fl.orange but it is in between Glo-Brites Fl. Peach and Fl. Orange, I prefer this shade and have been using this for years and years.

It is re-spooled by myslelf on old spools of thread and tinsel (Re-Cycled)

See some of the flies that I use it on here Body Quill Skinny Nymph.