I AM BACK UP TO DATE AND WORKING HARD TO PRODUCE THE BEST MATERIALS OUT THERE. IF YOU ARE PLACING FLY ORDERS BE AWARE OF UP to 10 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY AS I DO ALL THE FLIES MYSELF AND I AM VERY BUSY. MARABOU UP TO 3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY AS AGAIN I DO ALL THIS MYSELF AND IT IS VERY POPULAR. Due to the Virus Restrictions please NOTE I will be shipping orders once a week on FRIDAYS Until further Notice, STAY SAFE ALL Regards Dave. I have had to increase postage costs for all over due to the Brexit Changes. If I think the postage is too high for the order, I will always ship a few extra materials to cover this.

Candy Floss Dubbing

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 New for 2013, with good quality Seal's fur getting harder to find, before all stock runs out I have been working on a new product. A blend of Natural materials and Synthetics to give a lovely soft and sparkly translucent dubbing Superb and similar to seal's fur.

With a wide variety of Colours, something for everyone, very easy to dub, soft to the feel and lovely in the water.

 Dial Bachs, thorax's, Wet Fly Bodies, Czech Nymphs and Dries you can use it for anything and you will find all the colours you need.

The most capped angler in Scotland loves this stuff Jimmy Fairgrieve.