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Bloody Butcher

Bloody Butcher

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This to me is where it all started on my Fly-Fishing journey, first fly I ever caught a fish on. As a keen 13-year-old I had caught fish with bait and spinning but never the fly rod. After badgering one of the guys in the Karate Club I was a member of he gave me a fly rod on loan with a reel and a line and three flies. A black penell, a bloody butcher and a blae and black. On my first outing I lost all three flies due to lack of experience and casting quality, I was devastated as I had lost Davie Macs flies, when I eventually told him he laughed as he tied flies and it was not an issue. I then spend the coming weeks and months walking from my home to the Mill Dam in Port Glasgow with my fly rods, reel and line and some flies. Night after night I stood there casting or trying to cast until one night a lovely brown trout decided to eat my fly , the bloody butcher and the rest is History I had the bug. So this is the fly that got me started in the world of fly fishing.

Hook: - Kamasan B175

Thread: - Sheer 14/0 Black

Tail: - Red Ibis Sub or Glo-Brite Floss

Rib: - Veniards Silver Wire

Body: - Uni Mylar Silver Medium #14

Throat Hackle: - Scarlet Cock or Hen Hackle

Wing: - Mallrad Duck Slips (Blue Shiny)

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