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20T Blobs - Two Tone Barbless

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I have been developing these blobs for the last 2 yrs and playing around with different ideas that are not your normal blobs. 20T well this designates that there are 20 turns of my Translucent fritz on each size 10 B175 and thus giving the Blob a more sophisticated shape and style. My blobs are not huge and bulky but more streamlined thus cause less droppers and leader tangles.

I only use my materials in these flies as I believe in my products and the colours I produce, the fritz used was specified to the manufacturers by me and by doing this allowed me to have a very high quality of fritz that is bonded thus more expensive to produce but not to fall apart leaving you with the core only. With the specific specs on my fritz I also had the core specified to be small but strong and also to be able to be dyed along with the fibers. Thus allows you to get the 20 turns on the hook.

In 2009 I competed in the Scottish Clubs Final held on the Lake of Mentieth, I managed to finish third Individual with 13 fish and the Team finished 3rd overall with 30 fish for the team, more than half the fish were caught on the 20T blob. Try them for yourself the fish love em.

They are dynamite and different.

These are the Two-Toned Versions, The colour Named first will be the colour at the eye of the hook IE. the front of the fly.

Materials used to tie the fly are on this site also

Tail: - Sunburst Razor Flash

Body: - 15mm Translucent F-Up

Thread : - Uni-Thread Fire Orange

Hook :- Hends BL 333 Sizes 14,12, and 10 (Barbless) Kamasan B175 (Barbed)



IMPORTANT as I tie all these flies myself there is normally a wait time of up 10 weeks so please make sure you leave ample time when you are ordering. If you require them quicker then please contact me first.