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Vladi Worm - Using the Correct Condom

Vladi Worm - Using the Correct Condom

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These worms are the business, by using the specific condom Vladi told me to I have changed the original a little and added my little twist, they have three layers of lead and they catch a lot of fish, ALL tied using NEW unused Condoms :) 

Tied on special pre-bent hooks that are barbed, I will de-barb the hooks before shipping unless I am asked to leave the barbs on.


These flies are not cheap as they take time to tie and a lot of lead and materials, but good things never come cheap.

Wladyslaw Trzebunia Niebies for those who dont know him is an ex-world champion from Poland, he is in many peoples eyes still a world champion as he has helped so many people in their fishing careers from Team USA members, French Team members the list is endless, he is a true gentleman and a scholar. He invented this style of fishing oh so many years ago and at over 70 years old hes still fishing and helping people from all over, a legend. 


This fly is his and no one else, Vladi you are a true friend and gent.